Giorgio Chiellini is one of the Juventus players who spoke to prosecutors about the Bianconeri hidden payments to players during the covid-19 pandemic.

The defender was the club captain and coordinated the players as they negotiated to defer some of their salary while receiving under-the-table payments.

Prosecutors questioned him and most of his teammates, with a new report revealing he admitted to the secret payment.

Football Italia reports he had been reluctant to speak before he was informed of the importance of stating the truth.

The LAFC star then said, as quoted by the report:

“When the pandemic broke out, clearly a period of panic and economic difficulty, I was asked to act as a go-between with the rest of the group to meet the extraordinary moment that had been created. 

“In March I started talking to my teammates to understand their willingness to meet the problems that existed in the club, solvency problems above all because all the liquid income was lacking.”

Adding: “what was done was to waive four monthly payments to allow the club to breathe with the promise, that when the season resumed, based on what would happen, a part would be returned. 

“A part of the contracts would be readjusted based on how much we would play. This part would have ranged between two and three months’ salary.”

Juve FC Says

Chiellini, like most Juventus players, was put in a challenging position to defend himself and the club and had to tell the truth.

The defender knows if he lied, others could come clean, and it may have been a problem for him in the future. Hence he just opened up and said how it is.

We can hardly blame him for that. We just need to work to prove our innocence in this case.