A member of the Agnelli family and lifelong Juventus fan, Lapo Elkann has slammed racists in Italian football after they sang chants against Moise Kean in a recent game against Napoli.

This season has witnessed a surprising increase in racist abuse in Serie A with several players in the competition being targeted.

Kean is the latest in a long list of incidents in the competition and Elkann believes more has to be done. 

He says even when matches are played with less than normal crowds, some individuals still hurl abuses at certain players.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb: “Even with a reduced capacity there is no shortage of idiots in the stadiums. Whether they are howling against Kean, Koulibaly, Maignan or choirs against Vlahovic makes no difference. Enough”.

Juve FC Says

Racism is a problem that has been in football for a very long time and probably won’t end soon.

Fans have been banned and kicked out of stadiums yet, there are defiant individuals who still abuse the professionals who are simply doing their job.

The more authorities do to fight the menace, the more they have to do because it seems these cowards will carry on and on. They must be stopped.