Former Juventus midfielder Roberto Pereyra has compared the Bianconeri team he played with and the current one.

Juve has been in bad form this term and it could see them do worse than the last campaign.

This is arguably the worst Bianconeri team we have seen in a long time and Pereyra believes the missing ingredient in the current side is unity.

During his time at the club, he claims, they were united among themselves, making it easy for them to help each other on the pitch.

That is missing from the current group. Pereyra said via Tuttomercatoweb:

 “I think there is a lack of unity. It seems to me that everyone goes on their own. In my Juve there were Pirlo, Tevez, Buffon, Chiellini … all people who if you touch one, you touch everyone. And I don’t see much feeling between Allegri and the team, as it was in my day.”

Juve FC Says

Every successful club has achieved good results because they have been united; without it, it is hard for the group to achieve results.

Juve has not had that much unity this term and it shows in our performances as a team.

If Max Allegri cannot get everyone pulling in the same direction, it could affect his job.