While anyone can buy shares at Juventus on the stock exchange market, EXOR remains the majority owner of the club, controlling circa 63% of total shares.

This means that the Dutch holding company is in control of the club. It was founded by the Agnelli dynasty to organize the family’s massive wealth and assets, including the Turin-based football club.

So to understand who wields the power at the club, it would be useful to view how the shares at EXOR are divided between the various branches of the Agnelli family.

According to calcioefinanza.it via Calciomercato, Gianni Agnelli’s heirs control the largest share within EXOR. L’Avvocato’s grandsons (John, Lapo and Ginevra Elkann) own 38% of the company’s shares.

As we all know, John Elkann inherited the role of the family’s De Facto leader following the passing of his grandfather in 2003. The 47-year-old’s position as the CEO of EXOR is a testament to his grand status in the family.

The report adds that Elkann collected more than 5 million euros from the company in 2022, ten times more that his cousin Andrea Agnelli.

For his part, the former Juventus president owns around 11% of the company’s shares alongside his sister Anna.

Here’s how the Agnelli dynasty’s shares are divided in EXOR:

John Elkann and Gianni Agnelli’s heirs) – 38%
Maria Sole Agnelli branch – 12.32%
Umberto Agnelli branch (Andrea Agnelli and Anna Agnelli) – 11.85%
Giovanni Nasi branch – 8.79%
Laura Nasi-Camerana branch – 6.26%
Susanna Agnelli branch – 5.11%
Cristiana Agnelli branch – 5.05%
Clara Nasi-Ferrero di Ventimiglia branch – 3.53%
Emanuela Nasi branch – 2.58%
Clara Agnelli branch – 0.27%
Treasury shares – 6.93%