The performance of Juventus in the upcoming season is a subject of significant interest for Bianconeri supporters. The fact that the team has gone two seasons without winning a trophy after a decade of consecutive successes is certainly a cause for concern.

However, Juventus is working diligently to ensure they can provide their fans with reasons to celebrate in the current season. According to a report from Calciomercato, many experts in Italian football are optimistic about Juventus’ prospects for the season.

Most experts anticipate that Juventus will have a successful season, and they have even provided previews for specific matches, such as the one against Lazio. In this match, Juventus faces Maurizio Sarri’s side, which is a game where the former manager may aim to prove his worth.

Interestingly, the report indicates that Sarri has a poor historical record against Max Allegri, and as a result, Juventus is expected to avoid defeat in the fixture, with the experts predicting that they will avoid defeat. This suggests a level of confidence in Juventus’ ability to perform well in the season ahead.

Juve FC Says

The game against Lazio will be our toughest test yet and we expect the boys to know this because we have had a tough time watching them struggle on the pitch in tough matches.

If they beat Lazio, it will set the tone for them to continue having a fine season and face other top sides with no fear.