Former Juventus defender Fabio Cannavaro has recently shared his thoughts on Cristiano Giuntoli’s appointment as the club’s new sporting director. Cannavaro emphasises that Giuntoli’s previous success at Napoli does not guarantee immediate success in Turin.

Juventus has endured a trophy-less spell over the past two seasons, and Giuntoli’s hiring is aimed at reversing that trend. While he is expected to sign a long-term contract, Juventus fans are eager for swift success, as they have been longing for triumph for an extended period.

Cannavaro acknowledges that Giuntoli will be under pressure to bring about the changes needed for rapid success at the club. However, the former defender believes that such transformations will require time and patience, indicating that Juventus supporters should temper their expectations in the short term.

The ex-defender said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“He comes from doing an extraordinary job at Napoli, but the Juventus context is different because in Turin, you can’t afford mistakes, and it is not easy to win while spending less. 

“Certainly, at Juventus, they will have to decide which path to take for the future, whether to focus on very strong players they already have or to start from scratch. It will be crucial for Allegri to establish a good collaboration with Giuntoli and to navigate the transfer market effectively; otherwise, things could become complicated.”

Juve FC Says

Being the top club in the country and not winning a trophy for two seasons is very difficult, so we need success to come quickly.

Giuntoli took a while to bring the league title to Naples, but he knows Juve is a bigger club and the expectations are different, so he needs to be prepared to work under serious pressure.