Fabio Capello says he would rather take Harry Kane as a replacement for Paulo Dybala, not Paul Pogba.

He says that the struggling Argentinean will return to form and the reason why he currently looks poor is because of the covid-19 infection that he suffered earlier in the year.

Capello further states that the infection may have affected his physicality and for a player who likes to dribble, he has to be 100 percent fit physically.

With a player like him in top condition, he should be able to dribble past an opponent.

But if he isn’t up to speed in terms of his physicality, his performances will suffer just like it is doing at the moment.

Paul Pogba has been linked with a move to Juve with a swap deal that would involve Dybala also being touted.

But Capello doesn’t think Pogba is the best player that Juve can swap Dybala with and said Kane is their best option.

“Covid is the explanation, especially for a player like Dybala, who needs to dribble a man,” Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport via Football Italia.

“The impression is that he’s a bit unfinished. He captivates but leaves doubts. He certainly has superior qualities; he really has all you need.

“He needs the physical conditions to return to his best. Paulo needs to be 100 per cent well, because if you are well physically, the head leads you to face the opponents, the teammates, the coach and even the club.

“Dybala can do everything on the pitch if he is well, even playing in a trident with [Alvaro] Morata and [Cristiano] Ronaldo.

“Paulo reminds me of Savicevic, he too preferred to start from the right,” Capello continued. “He had great vision and special dribbling abilities.

“He had that great strength in the lower body to escape the tackles. Dybala is better at finishing, while Dejan was more an assist man. He had a quick pass. Well, maybe Dybala is a bit mor individualistic.

“I said I wouldn’t swap Dybala to get Pogba. If I could, I’d trade him with Tottenham’s English striker Harry Kane.”