The father of Fabio Miretti has commented on players being booed at the grounds in Serie A after his son experienced it.

The youngster is making a name for himself in the Juventus senior team, having been groomed from their U19 side.

The midfielder is now one of their key players and was on the team for the game against Salernitana, where he sustained an injury.

As Juve work towards recovering him before the season ends, his father Livio has not been impressed by how players are treated by fans in the stands in Serie A games.

He said, as quoted by Il Bianconero:

“In England. The stadium rises and applauds. Here they enjoy and insult. X don’t talk about social media..How nice football in Italy .. unfortunately for you we will be back soon”.

Juve FC Says

Miretti is just at the start of his career and has not experienced the abuse some top players have already experienced.

The youngster will see that some away fans are very toxic and will do everything they can to ensure you are affected and not focused on playing your game.

Hopefully, his injury will heal faster than we expect and he will be back on our team soon.