Juventus is currently being investigated over the capital gains case and it is a situation that has gotten fans and pundits to talk.

The Bianconeri could be found guilty of falsifying their books if investigators can prove they had a separate agreement to pay their players outside their budget.

Reports claim an agreement exists between the Bianconeri and Cristiano Ronaldo. In it, they agreed to pay him 20m euros, even though they had announced he forfeited his earnings.

This could be a significant legal hurdle for the club, but Andrea Agnelli calls for calm and insists they haven’t done anything wrong.

Journalist, Fabio Ravezzani, has now added his voice to the debate and says he is baffled by the actions of the Bianconeri.

He tweeted:

“There is one thing I really can’t understand. What need did Juve have to make that statement about the 90 million salaries saved when it was immediately clear that something was wrong? The wording itself was convoluted. And no other club had gone that far.”

Juve FC Says

Juve has not been proven guilty yet, so it does not make sense for people to judge their actions, but we cannot stop individuals from expressing themselves on the matter.

One sure thing is that we trust our executives to have done the right thing and we will recover from this setback.