Fabrizio Ravanelli has raised concerns about Federico Chiesa’s attitude and emphasises that a change is necessary if the attacker intends to continue playing for Juventus.

Chiesa has encountered challenges in replicating the form he displayed at the beginning of his time with the club, finding it difficult to adapt to the demands of manager Max Allegri.

Although he commenced the current season strongly, establishing himself as one of the club’s key players, injuries have disrupted his game time. Additionally, Ravanelli has questioned Chiesa’s attitude during his appearances on the field.

As the attacker struggles to meet expectations in Turin, Fabrizio Ravanelli said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“I love Chiesa, for me he is very strong: I cannot imagine seeing a Juve without Chiesa in the future. But he must change his attitude on the pitch, he must be less impatient. When you take a free kick or a corner in the final stages of the match and maybe you’re even below, you can’t go there walking slower than an eighty-year-old: you have to demonstrate that you have the right desire. Federico, I love you and for me, you are a great footballer, but to stay at Juve you have to change your attitude.”

Juve FC Says

Chiesa is one of our most important players, and we need the attacker to be in fine form whenever he plays.

He has shown glimpses of his quality on his good days, but the bad days have been more, and that must change as he runs down his contract at the club.