Unfortunately for Nicolo Fagioli, a gambling addiction will put his Juventus career on ice for a considerable amount of time.

The midfielder is one of several young players indulged in a betting scandal. The Turin public prosecutor is currently investigating the matter while the sports justice will definitely hand them suspensions.

La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Giovanni Albanese explains how the investigators had initially found out about Fagioli and his involvement in the case.

The 22-year-old was reportedly spotted in a meeting with an infamous person who’s under police scrutiny. At first, the investigators thought it was a case of extortion, but later understood that the player was in fact betting on illegal platforms.

Nevertheless, the source explains that Fagioli is already on the right path towards recovery from his betting addiction.

The former Cremonese man cooperated with investigators, admitting his guilt. He has been under the guidance of Professor Paolo Jarre who is treating his addiction, and has been undergoing therapy sessions for several months.

Moreover, Fagioli agreed to have his bank account monitored by a tutor to detect any suspicious transactions.

As the report reveals, Fagioli’s admissions and his cooperation with the investigation should earn him a reduced sentence. Instead of a three-year ban, the Juventus star could be facing a suspension between eight and ten months.

So let’s hope that the talented young midfielder can put his life and playing career back in order and overcome what has proven to be his toughest opponent yet.