Nicolo Fagioli has been speaking to students in schools around Turin, aiming to inspire them to learn from his mistakes.

The midfielder is currently serving a ban after being involved in illegal betting while playing for Juventus.

Despite his suspension, Juventus has shown him nothing but love and support as he undergoes treatment for his addiction.

Fagioli, a product of Juventus’s youth system, knows he will make an important contribution when he returns from his ban.

Promoted from their Next Gen team, he should be eligible to play in the final two games of the season and is stepping up his efforts to regain fitness and play for the Bianconeri soon.

When he returns, he will, hopefully, never bet again, and he told students, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb: “I regret what I did, I even went so far as to bet €5,000 on a single bet, but despite this the club was very close to me, from the club to the coach to my teammates. They were not happy about what happened but they helped me a lot in this journey. I made mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes, you also have to learn from mistakes.”

Juve FC Says

Fagioli is still just 23 and has so much of his career ahead of him, so we have done the right thing by supporting him instead of terminating his contract.

The midfielder will come back stronger, and we trust him to repay the trust we have shown him so far.