Nicolo Fagioli has shed light on Juventus’ ambitions for the season as the club seeks success despite a challenging transfer window. Under the management of Max Allegri, Juventus is competing without participating in any European competitions this season, and they are a team with high expectations.

Expectations from fans included the anticipation of several new signings arriving at the Allianz Stadium during the transfer window. However, the only notable addition was Timothy Weah, while the club is also relying on promoting talented players from their Next Gen team to navigate through the financial constraints they face.

Despite these challenges, Juventus remains committed to performing well on the pitch, and Fagioli has revealed that their primary goal for the season is to secure a place in the top four of the Serie A standings by the end of the campaign. Achieving a top-four finish is crucial for the club’s aspirations and ambitions.

Fagioli said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Our objective, what the coach asked us to do, is to enter the top four and therefore return to the Champions League. This is the minimum objective. My dream is to go to the European Championship, I can do it to do, yes, but I have to put in a lot of passion and a lot of sacrifice.”

Juve FC Says

Not playing in Europe this season is bad for a top club like Juventus, but we can secure a return to the competition this term.

Our players have to stay focused and work hard in every game we play and we will win most.