Nicolo Fagioli’s statements to the prosecutors in his gambling addiction case have been leaked, and his candid admissions have been astonishing.

The young player is currently serving a seven-month ban for his actions and is expected to receive treatment to help him return to football in a healthier state.

During his discussions with the prosecutors, he made several revelations in an effort to secure a more lenient sentence, and some of these details have been made public.

One of these revelations shed light on the extent to which he went to pay off his gambling debts, going to great lengths to avoid being caught.

The midfielder revealed he would usually make payments through luxury watches. Fagioli said, as quoted by Il Bianconero:

“I had already accumulated a large debt of 250 thousand euros in September 2022 and pressure began from the owners of illegal sites to induce me to repay the amounts. Every now and then, to repay at least part of these sums I proceeded to purchase watches in Milan of value at a jewelry store. I paid by bank transfer. Sometimes I delivered the watches myself, other times the owners of the platforms came by and collected them from the jewellery store.” 

Juve FC Says

It’s not surprising that Fagioli went to great lengths to conceal his gambling addiction because he was well aware that what he was doing was wrong. If it had been otherwise, he would have simply placed bets directly on his device without concern for being discovered.

Fortunately, he has been banned, and this chapter of the scandal is now closed. Our priority should be to concentrate on winning matches on the field in his absence.