A 21-year-old Juventus fan has been attacked on the streets of Rome for wearing the shirt of the Bianconeri.

Rome has two big clubs, AS Roma and Lazio and they share a fierce rivalry in Italian football.

Football divides the city across red and blue lines and they also do not like Juve, but the Bianconeri fan did not fear the consequences and wore a Juve shirt to move about minding his business.

A report on Tuttojuve reveals the Rome residents did not like it and they pounced on the boy and savagely beat the youngster for daring to wear a Juve shirt on their street.

It claims he was first insulted and then beaten by two boys with a weapon banned from use by law.

The incident happened around Easter time and both defendants have been charged with attempted murder.

Juve FC Says

It is sickening to hear something like this still happening around us and the perpetrators must be made to face the full extent of the law.

We have some of the most dedicated fans in Italy and it probably causes jealousy around the country.

If these boys are not seriously punished, it will serve as an encouragement to others to engage in the act or do even worse.