Following his ground-breaking arrival to Turin, the young playing career of Dusan Vlahovic has been well-documented by now.

But an article from la Gazzetta dello Sport takes a closer look at the person behind the goals.

First of all, Juventus fans will have to learn the right pronunciation of his name. The “s” in “Dusan” has actually a similar pronunciation to the “J” in “Jorginho”.

On another note, the bomber is good friends with Franck Ribery who was his teammate at Fiorentina, while his idol is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He also has a close bond with Stevan Jovetic having followed his footsteps from Partizan to Fiorentina.

thankfully for the Serbian, he made it to the big stage as a footballer, but he and his parents had a plan B in mind: Becoming a doctor. Imagine that!

Between scooter, Moto GP and Basketball, Dusan is a man of many passions, and that includes Fantasy Football, a game which he takes seriously. Leonardo Bonucci and Juan Cuadrado are apparently members of his fantasy team.

Interestingly, one of the first persons to post the player’s photo with a Juventus jersey was Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey Fenty, who is an avid supporter of the club.

In the young man’s album, one would find several pictures for him as a kid with a black and white jersey. Of course the shirt belongs to his childhood club Partizan.

However, the Belgrade-based club adopted those colors following thanks to former Juventus president Umberto Agnelli (the father of current president Andrea Agnelli), who gifted the Partizan president two sets of jerseys, and latter decided that he liked the black and white stripes.