Some football fans can be an egocentric bunch. A few can even take their fantasy games a bit too seriously, and even call the players for it.

On Tuesday night, Juventus earned an important win, even if it came at the expense of Salernitana who reside at the very bottom of the Serie A table.

Paulo Dybala opened the scoring in the first half, and played a hand in Alvaro Morata’s goal in the second period.

Nonetheless, his night ended on a low note, as he skied his spot kick in the last minute of the match due to a slip.

The Argentine was still eager on celebrating the win, and posted a picture of himself on Instagram with the caption “+3”, in reference to three points gained in Salerno, as reported by JuveNews.

Nonetheless, one of his followers decided to make a cheeky reply, saying “+3 but not in fantasy football”.

In fantasy football rules, a player loses points for a missed penalty, meaning that Dybala’s early goal was almost nullified after wasting his spot kick, much to the dismay to every person who picked him in their lineup.

However, La Joya replied to the comment by saying: “I prefer to win with Juventus”.

A fun exchange between the player and his follower, which proves that the Argentine does actually pay heed for the comments of his fans on social media.