Even though we might be witnessing the last days of Alvaro Morata as a Juventus player, the Spaniard remains a mostly popular figure amongst the Bianconeri fans.

The striker leaves it all out on the pitch, and who can ever forget his goals against Real Madrid and Barcelona in 2015.

Nevertheless, la Gazzetta dello Sport decided to give us a closer look at Alvaro the person, rather than the player.

The 29-year-old has been constantly travelling between several cities and clubs in the past few years, with experiences at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Atletico Madrid (which still owns his contract).

But as the report tells it, Morata enjoys living in Turin and Madrid, but he failed to settle in London.

During his time with the Blues, he says that people used to stop him on the street to ask him to leave the club.

Therefore, the number nine suffered from a depression and was no longer happy to play football. He also lost his appetite for training.

On the contrary, Morata loves Italy. After all, that is where he met his wife Alice back in 2016. The couple now have three boys – the twins Alessandro and Leonardo (born in 2018) and Edoardo (2020).

The couple also share a passion for fashion, and the striker is a good friend of stylist Alessandro Martorana.