For what feels like the umpteenth time in recent months, Juventus will head to court on Monday. For the third time, the Court of Appeal will deliver a sentence in the Capital Gains case.

The Bianconeri are accused of systematically inflating the players’ transfer values to register Capital Gains in an unlawful manner. After getting acquitted in the initial trial, a wave of new evidence got the club a 15-point deduction in January’s re-trial.

But while the Olympic Committee suspended the penalty, the Bianconeri can still expect to receive another point deduction on Monday’s third trial.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, the federal prosecution led by Giuseppe Chinè are determined to dock enough points from Juve’s tally to deny them a Champions League spot.

Therefore, the prosecutor will request a 12-point deduction which would essentially drop Juventus from second place to eighth in the Serie A table, practically ruling the club out of the Champions League race.

Moreover, if the sentence proves to be insufficient, then Chinè and company still have another trick up their sleeve in the form of the Prisma trial which should begin in the coming weeks.

The second case is related to salary maneuvers during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as alleged dodgy relations with agents and other clubs.

In any case, Juventus can still appeal all sentences at the Olympic Committee, but it appears that the prosecution has succeeded in overwhelming the club with multiple cases based on different allegations.

This surely isn’t the end of the campaign that Juventus supporters had envisioned at the start of the season.