Barcelona president Joan Laporta has revealed that FIFA president Gianni Infantino is open to discussing the European Super League idea as his club, Juventus and Real Madrid fight UEFA in court to establish it.

The Super League would become a competitor to UEFA’s Champions League and initially had support from 12 clubs on the continent.

However, following a backlash from fans, Juve, Madrid and Barca are the three clubs standing and working hard to gain more support.

As they await the verdict of the European court, Laporta said via Il Bianconero:

“Infantino is developing his competition, a club world championship making it bigger and we respect this project because it looks very much attractive and was a possibility in talking about the Superleague, demonstrating how FIFA president was ready to open a dialogue with clubs.”

Juve FC Says

If FIFA needs the support of the Super League clubs, they will need to trade theirs to get it, so this might be true.

However, FIFA will not find the support of just three clubs among the many in the world useful and the Super League protagonists must get more clubs to join their efforts soon.

If the European Court rules against them, UEFA could kick the trio out of the Champions League, which is far from ideal.