FIFA has responded to the latest recommendation from Advocate General Rantos of the European Court of Justice, which gives them hope to either punish Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona for starting a competition while still competing in UEFA’s or bring the rebelling clubs back.

The Super League protagonists had been hopeful the AG would back them in his recommendation so they could break the monopoly of UEFA and FIFA.

While the AG agreed they could start a new competing competition, he insists they can be fined if they continue to compete in UEFA’s.

Responding to the development, FIFA said via Tuttojuve: “FIFA welcomes the opinion issued today by Advocate General Rantos of the European Court of Justice in which he confirms the position and legitimacy of FIFA and UEFA in approving any new football competition. Similarly, the Advocate General believes that sanctions can be imposed for competitions that do not meet the approved licensing criteria.”

Juve FC Says

FIFA and UEFA are the early winners, and this verdict will strengthen them in their bid to obliterate the Super League idea.

The protagonists cannot afford to lose the money they make from FIFA and UEFA when their competition has not stood.

This could force them to return to the ECA and abandon the idea entirely, but they will continue hoping the court itself will side with them when its verdict is read out next year.