The FIGC has finally released the reason that they docked Juventus 15 points and the Bianconeri are expected to contest the decision now.

Juve had been under investigation for capital gains, but they were cleared of all wrongdoings last year.

The case was reopened recently and they have swiftly been docked 15 points, which sent them further down the league table and closer to the relegation zone.

The club vowed to contest the decision and requested to know why as they built their case.

The FIGC has now released their reason, accusing the Bianconeri of having “committed a sporting disciplinary offence, taking into account the seriousness and the repeated and prolonged nature of the violation.” As quoted by Football Italia.

The court knew this because of the “documentation from the club’s directors, with confessional value and from the relative manuscripts, the unequivocal interceptions and the further evidence relating to the concealment of documentation or even manipulation of invoices.”

In response, Juventus released the following statement on their website

Juventus Football Club and its legal team have carefully read and will analyse in depth the justifications, recently published, pertaining to the decision of the United Sections of the Federal Court of Appeal.

It is a document, predictable in terms of content, in light of the heavy decision, but vitiated by obvious illogicalities, motivational deficiencies and unfounded in terms of law, which the Company and individuals will oppose with an appeal to the Guarantee Board at CONI within the set deadlines.

The validity of Juventus’ reasons will be asserted firmly, albeit with the respect due to the institutions that issued it.

Juve FC Says

We now have a reason why we have been docked so many points, so as we have consistently denied all wrongdoings, now is the time to defend ourselves.

This will hand us a chance to build a solid case and return to the court with the best defence we can have. Hopefully, it will be enough to get the deduction overturned.