Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi could be in legal hot water after an investigation was opened against him.

After the Calciopoli case of 2006, he was banned from football-related activities for life, including stepping close to a pitch.

However, he was recently seen in a U19 game between Juventus and Napoli and now it could put him in trouble.

A report of Football Italia reveals FIGC Prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè has opened an investigation on the former administrator to see if he has broken the terms of his punishment.

If he is found guilty, it will be interesting to see which punishment he will suffer since he is already on a life ban.

Juve FC Says

Moggi is human and was a football man for most of his professional career, so he has missed going to games.

This ban has been hard on him and going to that game was probably a way to feel closer to the sport again.

However, he could be in trouble if investigators find out that he has done wrong and it won’t be a good thing for the 85-year-old.

Whatever happens to him will not affect us as a club because he no longer works for us and we never invited him to the game.