Gabriele Gravina has announced that the FIGC expect to include a law which will expel any teams from playing outside of the permitted competitions.

There was mass uproar across Europe this week when 21 top teams announced that they were the founding members of a new competition called the European Super League, a competition not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA.

48 hours later the idea faltered however, with the six Premier League clubs all bowing to pressure and withdrawing from the ESL, although some still believe there is life in the new competition.

The latest supposed rules may come as a blow to those who hope to reignite the new European Super League, with the FIGC claiming that any teams playing in competitions without permission from FIFA, UEFA or the FIGC will be expelled from their hierarchy.

It was previously believed that the 12 clubs had hopes to continue in their respective domestic divisions, whilst opting out of the Champions League or Europa League, but that no longer appears to be an option.

“Anyone who believes they want to participate in a competition not provided for and not authorized by the FIGC, Uefa and FIFA, will lose membership,” FIGC president Gravina announced(via TuttoSport). “Anyone who has interpreted the Superlega as an act of simple weakness on the part of some companies experiencing economic difficulties, is wrong. At the moment we have no news of who has stayed and who has left. sporting justice code. If, by the deadline for applications to national championships, someone joins other championships of a private nature, they are out.”