The FIGC is planning to introduce a provision for the exclusion of teams who break away from UEFA and FIFA to form a new competition or organization.

The governing body is currently meeting and one thing that they are expected to deliberate on is the botched European Super League attempt supported by three Italian teams.

Juventus led Inter and AC Milan into the agreement, while other teams have withdrawn, the Bianconeri, Real Madrid and Barcelona haven’t.

They are positive that the idea will work and they will still be able to kick off the new competition.

However, Serie A is against the idea just as FIFA and UEFA are and they are now looking for ways to snuff out the last life from the proposal.

Tuttomercatoweb via Football Italia says that there is an ongoing discussion for the statute to be amended so that only teams in UEFA and FIFA competitions can register to play in Serie A.

This means that if Juventus left UEFA as they attempted to because of the European Super League, they would legally be kicked out of Serie A.

If that had happened this season, then Atlanta, which is the only top-four side on the current league table that didn’t join the competition, would be winning this Serie A.