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Finally, the Italian government takes a position on the Super League

October 23, 2021 - 11:00 pm

The Italian government has finally delivered a strong message against the proposed European Super League.

They have joined the governments of the UK and Spain to support UEFA and fight against the breakaway competition.

An official statement via Calciomercato reads: “The Presidency of the Council of Ministers announces that the Italian Government has decided to intervene in support of UEFA in the judgment on the Super League incardinated at the European Court of Justice.”

This would come as a huge blow for Andrea Agnelli and the presidents of Real Madrid (Florentino Perez) and Barcelona (Joan Laporta).

These three have been championing the new competition and have refused to give up.

Considering how much Agnelli has put on the line to make this competition work, he would unlikely still give up despite the stance of the Italian government.

The rebelling clubs are likely to use every legal help they can get to win this battle and this development still doesn’t spell the end of the competition.

Agnelli remains convinced that the Super League will help football, and it remains suspicious why UEFA is so keen to kill it.

As fans, we can only watch the drama unfold, but the Super League organizers might soon garner more public support if politicians become overly interested in the battle with UEFA.

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    martinn October 24, 2021 at 9:35 am

    they still owe us a scudetto or two or to have NOONE having those where the `lost` wiretaps prove the rewarded were just as guilty. If another club`s president was in charge of it, there would be little problem