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‘Financial hindrance’ Ronaldo must go but not Pirlo

April 13, 2021 - 10:30 am

Former Juventus star Massimo Mauro has moved to praise Andrea Pirlo this week, but claims his former side should offload Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Old Lady have struggled with consistency this season, with the club having to play out a hectic playing schedule with a number of absences through injury and positive Coronavirus tests.

We look extremely likely to fail to defend our Serie A title, despite starting the campaign with hopes of clinching a tenth consecutive scudetto, which has raised questions of the club and it’s playing staff, but Mauro believes that the manager has shown that he has what it takes to do the job.

Mauro told La Gazzette (via TuttoJuve): “Pirlo has shown that he has great personality even on the bench, which is perhaps the most important thing to coach a team that must win everything: for how he made himself heard by the players, for the decisions he made when there were the “pranks”, for the attitude towards the whims of the stars.

“The three of the dinner he put them out himself, not delegating to the company. Ronaldo was never a leader where he played and he will not be. It is a company and for him his turnover is more important than the turnover of the team. Cristiano does not drag his teammates, Cristiano wants his teammates to give him the ball to score a goal.

“A great soloist, not a team man. they separate: Ronaldo can start a new stage elsewhere, Juve gets rid of a huge financial hindrance.”

Cristiano’s wages are a regular talking point, and many are quick to criticise the forward, but he continues to consistently score goals at present despite his age, more than any of his rivals are doing.

Ronaldo has scored more goals than all-but Robert Lewandowski of the top European leagues in this entire season, but this is quickly forgotten to those frustrated by our campaign it seems.

Do we really believe we would have had a better season without Cristiano Ronaldo this year?


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    Deon allison April 13, 2021 at 8:54 pm

    Juventus need ronaldo more than he need them..ronaldo does not fit im there boring style of play..he too relax now n they dnt feed him the ball..they keep defending and theres no rush to attack and he the type that live for the attack…let him go juventus and ull see the goat reborn…he is the most consistent player of all times…