Juventus’ match against Fiorentina this weekend was one of the most-watched fixtures in Europe and the most-streamed game in Serie A on DAZN.

The Bianconeri faced La Viola in one of the toughest games of the week for a top side in the Italian top flight, and the match was filled with tension.

Juventus and Fiorentina share an interesting rivalry on and off the pitch, largely fueled by Fiorentina’s desire not to lose their players or anyone to Juventus. The Black and Whites will always be the bigger team, and this is a reality that most La Viola supporters don’t want to accept.

With this rivalry in mind, the game was expected to be a highly competitive one and it drew 1.6 million viewers on DAZN, as reported by Tuttojuve. This makes it the game with the highest viewership on the platform in the league, even though there were other interesting matches involving teams like Inter Milan and AC Milan.

Juve FC Says

Every game we play will attract a lot of viewership because we are one of the top clubs in Europe.

This number will likely be higher when we face Inter Milan in the league at the end of this month.