Juventus’ upcoming match against Fiorentina this weekend is under potential threat of being called off due to the tragic heavy flooding that has resulted in casualties in Florence.

The Bianconeri are set to face La Viola in Serie A as they aim to secure more victories and remain in contention at the top of the league standings.

The match holds significance as it marks Federico Chiesa’s first encounter with his former club since joining Juventus, and Dusan Vlahovic also anticipates a challenging atmosphere as he made the move from La Viola to Juve last year.

Fiorentina has been struggling with their form and is aware that Juventus is considered the favourites in this matchup. The Ultras of Fiorentina have expressed their desire for the game to be called off and rescheduled following the severe flooding in the city of Florence.

As of now, there are no official plans to postpone or cancel the game, but the situation may evolve as more information becomes available.

A statement from the Ultras as published by Football-Italia reads:

“Part of our city is completely on its knees, houses are destroyed, lives in tatters and while it continues to rain people think of playing the game on Sunday as if nothing had happened.

“In a clear, decisive and categorical fashion, the Curva Fiesole ask that the match be postponed, so that the energy and resources are dedicated exclusively to our people who are struggling and not to put on a sporting event.”

Juve FC Says

Postponing a game cannot be decided by the Ultras and life must go on after a natural disaster like what has happened in Florence.

If the game goes on, their players will have even more reasons to defeat Juve and will work hard in the fixture.