Former Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli was asked to describe Andrea Pirlo from his time with the club, and opens up on Cristiano Ronaldo also.

Barzagli hung up his playing boots in January 2019, and while he wasn’t able to help his new side top the division that season, he played a key role in winning the next eight league title consecutively, including four alongside current Juve boss Pirlo.

He gave an interview on Juve’s Twitch channel (via TuttoSport) this week, and was asked his opinion on the new boss.

“Pirlo what wine is it? As a player a great French wine, from Bordeaux, where great wines are produced. Pirlo was a great player. As a coach, I don’t know. He has just started and will be done. He is doing smart things. I hope well for him. Andrea is perhaps the coach most envied by football fans and professionals. Pirlo coach? We met every now and then in Turin and I saw him very convinced that he wanted to be a coach. Everyone has his own path, we will see his. Chiellini what wine is it? A strong Amarone.”

AB was then asked who the best goalscorer from his time with Juve, and it was no surprise to hear his answer. He replied: “Ronaldo always scored for us so it was always very complicated with him. Drogba also, a force of nature. Ronaldo? He is the best finisher of all time. He scores you goals in all ways. The record of goals says it all. His wickedness and his hunger are incredible things.”

It is difficult to argue against the comments of Barzagli, especially when even at Ronaldo’s ripe age he is still performing at levels above the vast majority of the younger generation.

Do any striker’s deserve a mention alongside our current superstar?