Max Allegri, once hailed as one of the premier managers in the world during his initial tenure at Juventus, is currently facing a significant downturn in his managerial career.

Having achieved remarkable success and secured numerous trophies during his first spell with Juventus, Allegri’s return to the club has so far failed to yield positive results.

The Bianconeri are grappling with issues of form and consistency, leading to doubts about the wisdom of Allegri’s reappointment. The lack of tangible progress under his leadership has prompted speculation that Juventus may regret their decision to bring him back.

Amidst a crisis of confidence within the team, Allegri appears to be struggling to find solutions to their problems. As doubts about his managerial abilities intensify, there is a growing sentiment among observers that Allegri may not be the right person for the job.

With Juventus enduring a period of turmoil, calls for Allegri’s replacement are becoming increasingly vocal, with many advocating for swift action from the club’s management.

Speaking about the former AC Milan coach, ex-Juve manager Luigi Maifredi said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“The impression is that there is no longer the security of the great team, there is the insecurity of those who know they are not competitive for one way or another. This makes it difficult to play the game and application on the pitch then becomes almost absent. A good chat should be had in which he understands that he should modernize. The impression is that he has remained stuck with Buffon, Barzagli, Chiellini and Pirlo, but those times are now gone. The Juventus coach has proven to be a magnificent manager of excellent players, but he has not managed to demonstrate that he is a great coach.”

Juve FC Says

A manager’s reputation is as good as his team’s last result and Allegri knows this.

If he wants to get more respect, his team has to start winning matches regularly again.