When Cristiano Ronaldo made his groundbreaking landing in Turin, fans and observers alike believed that this arrival will mark a new beginning for Juventus.

But while the general sense was that CR7 will take the club the highest levels – especially in Europe – his transfer now symbolizes the start of a chaotic period for the club.

Of course none of it is the Portuguese’s own fault, as the ones to blame are those were in charge of the club at the time, starting with president Andrea Agnelli.

But during Ronaldo’s presentation, one man seemed to be a little less enthusiastic than those around him. Of course we’re talking about former Juventus general director Giuseppe Marotta, who left his post shortly afterwards.

Beppe was usurped by his former pupil Fabio Paratici who orchestrated the Ronaldo transfer, gaining Agnelli’s favor in the process.

So as former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli puts it, the arrival of the former Real Madrid superstar was the main reason which prompted Marotta’s departure from Juventus.

“When Paratici, who depended on Marotta, pulled the rabbit out of his hat [signing Ronaldo], everyone got excited,” said the former patron in an interview with Calciomercato via ilBianconero.

“However, Marotta wasn’t excited. He said it was a mistake, which broke his rapport with Agnelli.

“I believe that Marotta left precisely because of a disagreement with Agnelli over the purchase of Ronaldo. Then came Paratici, who started shooting left and right, ushering in a new era.”

Cobolli Gigli was appointed Juventus president in 2006 following the Calciopoli scandal. He left office in 2009, succeeded by Jean-Claud Blanc.