Former Juventus striker Carlos Tevez has announced his decision to leave Boca Juniors, wih some believing he will retire from playing.

The Argentine has enjoyed a 20-year career of professional football, and will retire with the same club that he made his senior debut with back in 2001.

The 37 year-old confirmed that he took the decision upon himself despite the club’s wishes for him to carry on until December, whilst confirming his love for Boca.

The former Premier League and Serie A legend held a press conference to confirm his departure(via G Di Marzio), saying: “I thought this moment would never come. I’m here to say that I leave the club, it’s not a goodbye because I will always be there for the people of Boca. I will not be there as a footballer, but always as a person of the people.

“As a player I gave everything, that’s why I am happy: for me Boca is the best club in the world, my father supported Boca, as did my mom, my wife and my son. I cannot lie to them or to the fans. This decision is exclusively mine. At Boca you have to give your best and I’m not mentally in a position to give it.

“The truth is that I didn’t have time to commemorate the loss of my father who was already on the pitch with the Boca shirt. I want to thank everyone, everyone who works for the club.

“They{Boca} asked me to stay until December, until the people came back to the stadium, and asking me this made things more difficult for me. I want the last memory of me at the Bombonera with the fans is when we hugged and shouted. that we were champions, the day we won in front of Maradona, his last time in front of the people. That was the last time I saw my father cry with joy.

“I was born of Boca and I will die of Boca. My blood is not red, it will always be azul y amarillo.”

Where does Tevez rank amongst the special players to grace Juve? Could he be described as a club legend?