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Former Juventus star wants critics to leave Pirlo alone

February 14, 2021 - 10:50 am

Alessio Tacchinardi has had enough of Andrea Pirlo’s critics and says that they have to back off him.

The ex Juventus man has been impressed by the work that the former midfielder has done at the club.

Juve took a chance on an inexperienced Pirlo to replace Maurizio Sarri at the start of this season.

He is now looking to continue the club’s dominance of the Italian game.

Pirlo has enjoyed some success in his brief managerial career after winning the Italian Super Cup. He has also led his team to the final of the Italian Cup this season.

Their league form has, however, been terrible and some fans are unsatisfied with how his team has performed.

As any manager at a top side would, Pirlo has had his fair share of critics with some fans becoming unimpressed by his tactics.

Tacchinardi says they have to get over their criticism and back him instead because he is doing a great job even though this is his first managerial stint.

Speaking to Ilbianconero, he said of the manager’s critics:

“I think they have to get it over with! It’s too easy to criticize all the time, you have to compliment a guy who has just started training and rightly tries to bring home the result. 

“Here, however, nobody is ever happy with anything. You have to stop making judgments. on Pirlo, he is a smart and good coach, he will go on. 

“To those who criticize him for the five defenders put in in the last minutes, I say I would have put ten! Pirlo has already won one more Super Cup than many other super-renowned coaches who they have nothing on their bulletin board. “

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  • Avatar
    Bagas February 14, 2021 at 11:09 am

    only he was the coach in the world who was appointed first and immediately gave a trophy.

    Next UCL, the team must appear more attacking and fast passing

    • Avatar
      chpo February 14, 2021 at 7:46 pm

      Think so too. Game against Napoli was played well. Only one Chiello stupid action and of course the poor offense. This is how Inter must have felt after being knocked out by Juve in the coppa. Lucky win for Napoli.

  • Avatar
    S.M. Bachrach February 14, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    Completely agree. Pirlo has done an excellent job of giving the club a new spirit and overhauling tactics while simultaneously coming into the job in a historically stressful and uncertain period. And he’s working for, essentially, peanuts in his first year. He’s bet on himself, and the club has as well. No matter how many fans whine and complain, the team is going to give him an opportunity to re-tool this club during a period in which several rivals are also investing and strengthening. It’s good for Serie A and it’s also the ideal route for Juventus.