Juventus has demonstrated its supportive stance towards Nicolo Fagioli after the midfielder faced a ban for betting-related offences earlier in the season.

In contrast, Paul Pogba encountered trouble for a doping offence and remains suspended. As a seasoned player, expectations were high for Pogba to exhibit better judgment, leading some to anticipate Juve terminating his contract during the suspension.

However, Fagioli continues to receive his full pay and trains with the Bianconeri first team until he becomes eligible to play again.

While some fans and pundits might have suggested terminating Fagioli’s contract due to his association with gambling-related issues, Juventus has chosen a different approach. Former star Michele Padovano believes the club made the right decision, he said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“The Fagioli case? These young footballers like Fagioli must be helped and not condemned or labeled as we do, where one day you are a national monument and the next day they demolish you forever. Fagioli, like all those who made mistakes, deserve a second chance, always.”

Juve FC Says

We treated Fagioli very well, and everyone will see that we are a club that supports its players and will stand by them when required.