Juventus doesn’t play the most exciting football under Max Allegri, almost everyone knows that now.

The Bianconeri manager prefers to set his team up to avoid losing instead of trying to beat the opponents comprehensively.

Does his system limit the potential of players? Probably. Considering how some technically gifted players have struggled to make an impact under him, he probably needs to do better.

After watching Juve play under Andrea Pirlo last season, with the likes of Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski thriving, some fans will wonder if Allegri’s team will ever be exciting to watch.

One of the club’s former players has now given a damning assessment of how the Bianconeri play.

Giuseppe Galderisi came through the ranks at Juve and played for them between 1980 and 1983.

He has not enjoyed watching the current team and said of it in an interview via Tuttojuve:

“It is a team that is good when it has to defend, but the 70 meters it has to do before scoring goals are many and it doesn’t always manage to do it. I see Vlahovic in great difficulty and also with less and less enthusiasm in what he does “

Juve FC Says

Every manager has a style of play he favours, and when it brings success, it automatically no longer makes sense to change it.

Allegri won five straight league titles as Juve’s manager in his first stint, and he would stick to the system that helped him achieve success.

The club will also give him at least one more season to get back to winning trophies, regardless of how his team plays.