Unattached goalkeeper Francesco Rinaldi has given his thoughts on Serie A without Juventus.

Tuttomerocatweb reports that the 26-year-old spoke to Claudio Zuliani who hosts a broadcast on Radiobianconera. and discussed both the Juve fans and the current situation affecting the club.

Starting with the fans, Rinaldi said “yesterday I expected a more massive participation of the fans.” talking about yesterday’s game and how Rinaldi expected more fans of Juve to be present. 

Rinaldi then moved on to Juve and Serie A and had this to say: “If they want to have a Serie A in which Juve isn’t there, I don’t know how much it worth honest” letting everyone know Serie A just won’t be the same without Juve.

“i don’t understand the protest of the other fans as well. To see a championship in which Juve is not there honestly, I’m not interested”

JuveFC Says

Rinaldi makes some very good points, Serie A would be seriously weakened without Juve, it would lower the value of any TV revenue, its global reach would be damaged and at a time when the Premier League is dominating the financial side of things, this is the last thing Serie A needs.

Regards his comments on the fans, I disagree with his statement, it is up to the club to put things right, expecting the fans to keep splashing out on tickets when the team is doing so bad on and off the field is being cheeky, the fans deserve so much better, this situation is not on the fans but the club and players.