Yesterday, Juventus wasted the chance to maintain a maximum tall in the league by dropping two points at home.

The Bianconeri shared the spoils with Bologna as Dusan Vlahovic snatched a late equalizer to end the match 1-1.

Later on, Juventus assistant manager Marco Landucci went to to address the press in the mixed zone. He tried to justify the absence of Max Allegri by citing a “slight illness”. For its part, the club’s official statement spoke of “general tiredness”.

Nevertheless, all major Italian newspapers agree on one thing: The manager was absolutely livid after the match.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Allegri’s screams were so high that the walls in the locker room couldn’t contain them.

The journalists at the stadium were able to hear the coach’s yelling while waiting in the mixed zone.

As the source explains, this isn’t entirely a novelty for Allegri, who would often be heard shouting in the dressing room when the result doesn’t go in his favor, only to adopt a serene face afterwards while addressing the media.

But this time around, it appears that the manager was so furious that he decided to skip the post-match interviews altogether.

The pink newspaper suggests he was vastly disappointed with the performance and the result while some of the referee’s decisions may have also irked him.

On the other hand, Tuttosport claims Allegri was also enraged by Bologna CEO Claudio Fenucci who went on to address the journalists, complaining against the official’s decision not to award Bologna a penalty for an alleged foul committed by Samuel Iling-Junior.

“But what are they complaining about?! We were denied two penalties before that!” said an irritated Allegri according to the source.