Despite leaving his post as club president, Andrea Agnelli remains the poster child in all trials and investigations related to Juve’s alleged illegal acts from the past years.

The former patron has already received a temporary ban from the sport in the recent capital gains trial, and could face further trouble in relation to the Prisma inquiry (based on the salary maneuvers conducted between 2020 and 2021).

According to Tuttosport via Calciomercato, 14 Juventus shareholders have launched a collective legal action against Agnelli.

This relatively small group has asked to join the Prisma trial as a damaged party, seeking an indemnity from the former Juventus president.

The source understands that this group includes a financier, an entrepreneur, a couple of students and retirees. However, many others could join in the near future.

Juve FC say

Unfortunately for Agnelli, troubles don’t come singly. So if the former chairman gets convicted, he might also have to remunerate the shareholders if they were to succeed in their legal action.

After all, we should remember that the former administration’s alleged scheming began by hiding documents from the balance sheet presented to the shareholders. Hence, it’s easy to see the legal justification behind the investors’ case.