FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has expressed satisfaction with the recent agreement between Juventus and the governing body, as the club faces fines for their involvement in salary manoeuvres and questionable relationships with other clubs and agents.

Juventus opted to reach a plea bargain and acknowledged their wrongdoing in order to secure a more lenient penalty. The team, led by coach Max Allegri, was relieved to have successfully negotiated a plea deal, particularly since they had already been docked 10 league points for their use of capital gains and potentially faced further consequences in the ongoing Prisma investigation.

With the goal of resolving all their legal disputes before the start of the upcoming season, Juventus is keen to address these matters promptly. Fans will undoubtedly be pleased with the recent agreement reached between the club and the authorities.

Gravina is happy with the development and said via Football Italia:

“There is a time to ascertain and make judgements, but also one to look at the future with more serenity, by respecting rules.

“Our rules provide this latest act, it was auspicated and shared and it was the best result for Italian football to find a moment of serenity.”

Juve FC Says

As one of the biggest clubs in the country, whenever we have a major case, it could affect the entire football pyramid.

Cutting a deal was the right way to go for both parties and we can now prepare for our final game of the season.