Former Udinese star and Italian football coach Gaetano D’Agostino, has shared his perspective on Juventus’ prospects for the new season. He believes that as long as Max Allegri remains at the helm, he doesn’t anticipate a significant departure from the patterns of previous seasons.

Despite not securing any trophies over the past two seasons, Juventus has shown faith in Allegri by retaining him as their manager, with hopes of achieving success in the current campaign. The club was particularly impressed with Allegri’s handling of the team during the challenging 2022/2023 season and envisions him achieving even more under the right circumstances.

However, D’Agostino, who has been observing Allegri’s managerial career for some time, holds the viewpoint that Juventus’ trajectory is unlikely to deviate substantially from their past performance, given that they have maintained the same coach.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Juventus haven’t played football for two years. In terms of unpredictability, I struggle to look at it. I don’t think things will change, also because Allegri is very rooted in his ideas”.

Juve FC Says

Allegri remains one of the finest managers in the country, but his recent record is poor and he must change that to get the recognition he deserves.

He has been in difficult situations before and turned things around, so it is not smart to underestimate him.