The father of Juventus defender Federico Gatti feels his son is well-suited to Premier League football. Yet, his only desire is to play for the Bianconeri.

The 25-year-old joined the Turin-based giants in 2022 following a breakthrough campaign with Frosinone in Serie B.

In recent weeks, he rose to stardom for his solid displays at the back in addition to scoring back-to-back winners against Monza and Napoli.

The player’s father is proud of his son who has established himself as a pillar in a team filled with hardworking players.

“Is Juventus a workers’ team? Yes, I like this aspect. This is a team that is trying to restart after difficult years,” said Ludovico Gatti in his interview with Tuttosport via ilBianconero.

“I love thinking about the players who are taking center stage: McKennie who is redeeming himself, Rabiot who until two years ago was opposed by everyone, and finally Bremer, who in his second year with Juventus is having an incredible campaign.

“This year, Juve is a unified block. This can be seen on the pitch. Allegri did an enormous job.”

“For Juventus, the Scudetto cannot be a dream, but an ambition. Obviously, the players talk about it, but they know it won’t be easy.”

Gatti Sr. also revealed that his son had offers from the Premier League in the summer, but was instead hellbent on remaining at Juventus.

“In the summer, a couple of English clubs wanted him. I always thought that the Premier League was a type of football that suits him well.

“But my son sees it differently, he only wanted Juventus. He did very well, he never liked transfers against his will, like when Toro gave him away at the age of 14 and then Alessandria didn’t think he was up to the task.

“I saw Milan’s Camarda make his debut in Serie A at the age of 15. My son wasn’t exactly mature at his age.

“He was born as a striker, then the stages of his journey made him take a step back. However, he always had an uncommon desire to reach the top, even when he was playing in the lower leagues.

“He even thought about moving to the United States or Malta just to start from scratch and make a living from football.”

He was fed up with his life, he didn’t want to settle for being an amateur. So he worked, played and slept, nothing else.

“He never took a break, but was in constant battle with himself. He only knew that he had to change his life. He succeeded and I can only admire him.”

The defender’s father likens his son to tennis legend Novak Djokovic based on sheer desire and determination.

“His role model is Djokovic. He has the same hunger. He admires him a lot, especially for his desire to win additional titles.