Although a section of Juventus fan would be unpleased with the prospect of replacing a 27-year-old striker with a 32-year-old veteran, the current economical situation could end up prompting such a move.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (as translated by Football Italia), replacing Paulo Dybala with Sergio Aguero could prove to be a financial masterstroke for the Old Lady.

The report explains how the so-called ‘growth decree” would help the Bianconeri saving money if they pull off this proposed transfer.

The decree helps Serie A clubs in signing foreign footballers thanks to a tax discount of 50 per cent on the gross salaries of players and coaches who haven’t lived in Italy for the last five years.

As it is known by now, Dybala is refusing to sign a contract extension which would see him earning 10 million euros per season.

This figure only represents the net wages for the player, but it would actually cost the club’s treasury around 20 millions including taxes.

And yet, La Joya is asking for larger numbers.

On the other hand, if Juventus manage to convince Aguero – who will be free agent by the end of the season – in net wages of around 10 millions, then it would only cost the Old Lady a total of 15 millions, thanks to the decree mentioned above.

El Kun joined Manchester City in 2011, and scored the historic last-minute goal against QPR which sealed the Premier League title for the Cityzens in 2012.

After ten unforgettable years, the Argentine international is set to leave the club once his contract expires by the end of campaign.