After his latest European Super League misadventure, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli now finds himself on thin ice.

The Bianconeri patron was one of the main architects of the controversial idea, and he will undoubtedly be facing some backlash following its quick collapse.

Twelve major European teams announced the launch of a newly established competition on Sunday, but things quickly turned south, as they faced a storm of public outrage and governmental threats – especially on the English shores.

The six Premier sides announced their exit from the ESL on Tuesday, as the project hit a brick wall.

Whilst Juventus denied the upcoming departure of their patron, it remains to be seen whether or not Agnelli will be able to pick up the pieces and resume his duties as normal.

However, la Gazzetta dello Sport (via TuttoJuve) mentioned three names as possible replacements for the current president, in case he ends up leaving his post.

First name on the list is Alessandro Nasi who is a part of the famous Agnelli family. Nasi is a cousin of Andrea, and currently holds the position of vice-president in Exor – the company that holds the majority of Juve’s shares.

Next on the list is Evelina Christillin, who has been re-elected to the FIFA council, and is perceived as the perfect candidate for international dialogue.

While the first two names are largely unknown to the fans, the last one is none other than former manager Marcello Lippi.

The former Italy coach led the Bianconeri towards their last Champions League triumph in 1996, before winning the World Cup with the Azzurri ten years later.