Gentile: ‘De Ligt is worth the money’

July 11, 2019

Juventus legend Claudio Gentile believes Matthijs De Ligt is worth the sizable investment the Bianconeri are being asked to make.

Juve are looking to spend a significant amount on the youngster who as they build another impressive team to challenge in next seasons Champions League. The Bianconeri will be among the favourites for the competition and you can get the latest offers on phone casino for Juventus to lift the trophy.

Ex-Juve defender Gentile gave an exclusive interview to Tuttojuve where he discussed a number of things, including the impending arrival of De Ligt.

Q: Talking about Juventus, the hottest name is that of the very young De Ligt. It is a negotiation that is going all the way, the fans are almost impatient by now for the wait that has come about. What do you think about the deal?

“It will be a negotiation that will be successful. He is a defender for whom it is worth investing those extra millions that Ajax asks for; although he is a very young age, I think he is a great prospect. Juve cannot miss out on such a talent.”

Q: So is it an investment that, in your opinion, should be done? The player, however, has not yet shown that he is worth all that money.

“But what is striking is the way in which the defence is commanded: he is capable of managing the defensive department and often this attitude is not possessed by experienced players. It is a great advantage.”

Q: In your opinion, with Bonucci and Chiellini would he form the strongest trio in Europe?

“Surely, in my opinion with De Ligt in roster, the Juventus trio would be the strongest in Europe, despite, this year, teams in Serie A having been very well reinforced in defense as both Inter and Napoli have bought important players,”

Q: Has the choice of Sarri convinced you on the Juventus bench?

“They may like it or not, but he brought important results to Napoli and despite not having the same staff as Juventus, he was able to compete head-to-head until the final stages. He is a coach who will have to show that he can handle a wide roster, this is the difference and I think that he will have to show his skill here.”

Q: A word about the return of Gigi Buffon?

“It is a pleasant return, he will end his career at Juve and will try to be a reference point for his teammates. In addition, he will be supportive in case of need. Similarities with Zoff? Goalkeepers always have a longer life in football than the outfield players, Buffon is demonstrating just that.”

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