Former Torino Women’s coach Giancarlo Padovan has commented on one part of Max Allegri’s team selection ahead of the game against Nantes tonight.

The Bianconeri have travelled to France without Federico Chiesa, so Max Allegri cannot feature his favoured front three in the game.

But he still has a dilemma and has to decide between Moise Kean and Dusan Vlahovic, who will start as the team’s striker.

Although Vlahovic is the club’s main goalscorer, Allegri has also started Kean in games when the Serbian is available to play. Padovan says Allegri will only start Kean if he believes Vlahovic will function better off the bench.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“If he puts Kean in charge, it means that he wants to keep Vlahovic for the changes and the race could require it. But perhaps he believes that the 13th of Ligue 1 can also be beaten with Kean, rather than with Vlahovic. If so, perhaps think of a race that could continue.”

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic and Kean are two top strikers, so Allegri would certainly be happy about this problem.

The gaffer has more than enough experience to pick the right man to start the game and knows the importance of winning, so there is no room for mistakes.