Gigi Buffon has hit back at the controversy of recent weeks, declaring: “shut up, go home and improve”

Following legitimate victories over both Inter and Napoli, there was an outpouring of criticism of the referees and the same arguments that typically haunt Juventus in big matches.

Despite winning both matches comfortably, Inter and Napoli were in uproar but Buffon has called time on the nonsense in the Italian media.

“I’ve often found that questions from journalists or articles in the media are designed to create bad feeling or tense situations, to get under the skin of fans,” Buffon told Mediaset.

“In this case, no, the opposite happened. The media has been very good at relieving tension and we insiders must examine our own conscience.

“We need to do that because I’ve seen interviews which made me feel gruesome, creating controversies out of things which were almost non-existent.

“I can understand controversy over things which are true, but with these things you need to shut up, go home and improve.

“If you want to create non-existent incidents and wave the white handkerchiefs, that means you’re completely out of order and I can’t appreciate or respect you.”

Capitano then turned his attention to the prospect of Juve winning a treble this season.

“Treble’ is a challenging and difficult word to say.

“I think you really do need to think big, but you need to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground too.

“Nothing should be ruled-out for teams like Juventus, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich; but always with our feet firmly on the ground and working with a lot of humility.

“If you say humble, no dream is out of reach, but if we only win the Scudetto then it wouldn’t be a disappointment.”