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Gigi Buffon: ‘We respect Barcelona, it’s not over yet’

April 12, 2017

Gianluigi Buffon spoke of the respect Juventus have for Barcelona and warned that ‘ it’s not over’ yet.

Juve have the edge, taking a 3-0 scoreline to Spain next week, but Gigio isn’t resting on his laurels just yet.

“Last night after the game I was smiling,” Buffon told Sky.

“I was talking with friends and after a game like that you come home and you always suspect that it’s not over.

“That speaks volumes about the respect we have for Barcelona and what Barcelona have won, never mind the comeback against Paris Saint-Germain.

“Even if that comeback hadn’t happened it would be the same, indeed the fact it did happen is probably a good thing for us.

“It means we’ll go there without any pomposity, on full alert and with great humility, not least because there have been so many comebacks in football.

“There was Milan Liverpool, that was 3-0 and then went to 3-3 in one half. There was Deportivo-Milan.

“Those are the ones I remember best, because I’ve always followed Milan and in those years it was a pleasure to se them perform and lay down the law in Europe.”

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Turning his attention to Iniesta’s effort on goal, Buffon talked through what it took to make the remarkable save.

“It was very difficult for me, because it was a reflex save.

“It was a save about timing, it’s as if it’s a duel between you and the opponent, a kind of dance where you need to understand the right time to move your limb, in this case the left arm.

“You can’t do it too early, because then you’ll give a signal to him and give him time to react. And then at that point of the game we were 1-0 up.

“As I always say though, I’m lucky to play in a team of great champions, and if I want to continue to have a reputation like the one I currently enjoy I always have to make these kinds of saves and it should be the norm.”

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