The CEO of Sassuolo, Giovanni Carnevali, is not worried about the rumours that his club could be implicated in the capital gains case that Juventus has been punished for recently.

The Bianconeri have lost 15 points and one of the clubs they have done a lot of business with in recent seasons is Sassuolo.

The Bianconeri signed Manuel Locatelli from the black and greens and have done some other business with them in the last decade.

Some fans and pundits believe if Juventus’ partners are punished, one of them will be Sassuolo.

But Carnevali doesn’t think so, he said via Calciomercato:

“Possible implications for Sassuolo? We are very calm, indeed I feel like smiling reading some articles, they only confuse people’s ideas. Just think of the negotiation with Juventus lasting more than two months to sell Locatelli without having purchased any other player. Capital gains must be made as they are made by us, I believe there is no doubt about the transparency of society and the work that Sassuolo has done”.

Juve FC Says

Sassuolo has been good business partners with Juve and both clubs have swapped a lot of players among themselves in the past.

However, we have maintained that we did nothing wrong and will appeal the decision. This will boost the confidence of Sassuolo that they will not be implicated in any problem because of their relationship with us.