Sassuolo director Giovanni Carnevali appears to downplay the perceived close relationship between his club and Juventus, despite the history of several player transfers between the two.

Juventus has often targeted players from the Mapei Stadium, including their recent interest in Domenico Berardi during the last transfer window. While Juventus has been successful in acquiring players from Sassuolo, Carnevali suggests that the club’s dealings are not as exclusive as they might seem.

He emphasises that Sassuolo conducts more business with smaller teams and seems to downplay any notion of a preferential relationship with Juventus, despite their history of collaborating on player transfers.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“Us and Juve? An absurd story: we do business with everyone. Indeed, among the top clubs, Juve is the one with which we operate the least. The truth is that we work with all the clubs, just look at the various transfer sessions.”

Juve FC Says

We have a cordial relationship with Sassuolo and do not need a special one with them to do business.

They are one of the best clubs in grooming talents and will always have players we like and can sign, regardless of the comments from Giovanni Carnevali.